Environment Monitoring Solution

Smart Solutions provides a cost effective approach for environmental monitoring over the network. We provide a solution that allows you to monitor humidity, temperature, door contact, dry contact, and other environmental conditions remotely from network closets to data centers.

Humidity/Temperature Monitoring

We install a smart rack controller monitoring system that is a central access point for all of your environmental sensors such as temperature and humidity, and in conjunction with your data center infrastructure management solution provides sensor readings and asset management. Our rack monitoring solution helps data center and facilities managers by:

  • Maintaining Optimal Temperature
  • Keep Your Humidity In Check
  • Maintain Optimal Pressure
  • Secure Your Cabinets

Water Leakage Monitoring

the rack monitoring solution also provides assistance by detecting, if there is a water leak from external sources or from pipes in a water-cooled rack.

Alerts by SMS, Email, Call and Apps

we install moisture and humidity sensors to monitor for leaks inside cooling equipment, potential leaks that come from nearby pipes, or water caused by a major leakage, flood, disaster. Water sensors should be placed at the lowest point.

Also, wherever water would tend to accumulate on the floor, and underneath any pipe junctions. Air-conditioning condensation trays should also be equipped with sensors to detect overflow and send an alert to specific group of people in the form of SMS, Email, and Phone Call.